19" 42U Lanberg 600*800 free standing rack cabinet (flat pack), with mesh metal door, LCD, black

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670.00 €

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The Lanberg FF01-6842-23BL V2 Single-Section Standing Rack Cabinet is the ideal solution for professional installers who build networks, perform cable installations, and install 19" equipment. This reliable rack cabinet offers an increased maximum total load capacity from 800 kg to 1200 kg, ensuring the solidity and safety of your installations.

Our rack cabinet is specially designed for data centers that require ample space for equipment in cabinets. It works perfectly in extensive networks and server rooms, catering to small, medium, and large companies as well as corporations. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for low-voltage installations such as cable TV networks, alarm systems, fire systems, access control, CCTV, and IP surveillance systems.

The cabinet's construction is made of high-quality rolled steel, providing excellent design and craftsmanship. It features adjustable depth of vertical mounting rails, allowing for customization to accommodate various types of equipment. It is equipped with grounding accessories, including a cable and nuts. The grounding pins are present in three parts of the cabinet - frame, front doors, and rear doors, ensuring comprehensive grounding of your installations.The Lanberg cabinet also includes lockable top and bottom panels with blanking panels, enabling convenient cable entry and concealment. This ensures a neat and well-organized installation, minimizing cable clutter. Additionally, the cabinet is equipped with perforated front and rear doors. It can be installed with the option for right or left-side door placement. The side panels are removable (with locks included), and the rear doors are made of solid steel with a lock. The cabinet also features a front-mounted LCD display with a thermostat function, displaying essential information such as the internal temperature, current time, and fan status.

The package also includes a ventilation panel with four 230V fans, mounting accessories for the support rails, M6 screws, input panel blanks, grounding kit, casters, and feet.For ease of transportation, the cabinet is packed in three flat packages, allowing for self-assembly.

Choose the Lanberg rack cabinet to deliver reliable and professional installation solutions for your projects!

- Manufactuer: Lanberg,
- Manufactuer code: FF01-6842-23BL,
- Cabinet type: Free standing,
- Body color: Black RAL9004,
- Height: 42U,
- Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 600x800x2127.5 mm,
- Height (top panel - bottom panel): 2018.5 mm,
- Height (top panel - ground): 2121.5 mm,
- Height (top panel - ground including screws): 2127.5 mm,
- LCD display: Yes,
- Floor panel: 4 castors with brake + adjustable legs,
- Internal width spacing between rack rails: 450 mm,
- Width of the spacing between holes of rack rails: 465 mm,
- External width spacing between rack rails: 500 mm,
- Loading capacity: to 1200 KG,
- Degree of protection: IP20,
- Top with fan tray: included 4 fans 230V in top cover,
- Doors type: Front - Perforated, Rear - Perforated,
- Standard: ANSI/EIA RS-310D, IEC297-2, DIN41494; PART1 & PART7, ETSI,
- Material: High grade cold rolled steel, powder coated,
- Cable entry panel: Top, Bottom (adjustable),
- Included: Accessory bag, locks for front and rear doors and two side panels, 20 cage nuts M6, grounding kit.